Why Are Executives Using LinkedIn?

There has never been a more exciting or lonely time to be an executive. Markets' dynamism is growing in many dimensions simultaneously, and stakeholders' expectations are often not aligned with the reality that market volatility is creating. Executives are accountable for meeting unrealistic expectations, and average CxO tenures have dropped to less than two years. Key trends:

  • Individuals, regardless of level, industry or position, are rapidly becoming free agents by default. Contracts are shorter, and executive positions always require extended searches that are often punctuated by consulting engagements. Likewise, long searches are required to source the people you need to succeed in your new role.
  • Business increasingly is requiring executives to move into new directions, so finding key management team members, experts, board members, investors and clients is imperative. This is far more difficult for executives whose tenures are ever shorter.
  • To thrive in this environment, executives must create, nurture and leverage their professional networks as never before. Such a network of trusted experts may well become your most important professional asset.
  • But time-pressed executives do not understand digital networks, which are often quirky, unpredictable and opaque. The networks' value is uncertain, and few of them make clear value propositions to business executives who must assess the probable return on every investment of their time.

Why we are here/

LinkedIn enables business and government executives to better execute strategy by leveraging their peer to peer expert networks... LinkedIn makes relationships more accessible and valuable

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