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The Executive's Guide to LinkedIn leverages Web 2.0 to provide clients and other interested parties information about LinkedIn's potential for executives as well as our activities, whether in bite-sized chunks (Twitter) to longer articles (the Blog).

Everybody spaces
The EGLI Weblog offers many benefits: 1) get cutting edge LinkedIn strategies for executives and enterprises; 2) comment and be read on a Top Ten LinkedIn blog; 3) subscribe to the Monthly Advisor and get invitations to free webinars.
The EGLI Facebook Page is a microcosm of EGLI's activities. It's also our connection point for Facebook members who need to connect with LinkedIn members and want to learn how LinkedIn can help them penetrate enterprise markets.
Our Twitter feed is where you'll find breaking, behind-the-scenes, information about everything EGLI. We also conduct impromptu surveys and ask followers for advice. Note that our Twitter feed is syndicated ("imported") by the Facebook Page.
Alumni-only spaces
EGLI clients may join our LinkedIn Group so that other alums can proactively help them to grow their Linkedin networks. We also have discussion forums on the LinkedIn Group, and we share news articles.

The EGLI Online Community is a rich source for continuous learning and collaboration. In its forums, alums ask and give advice on their LinkedIn challenges and experiences, and they exchange tips. We also blog, suggest events and share our goals so we can support each other better.

Leveraging LinkedIn's business value is a proposition in continuous learning, and EGLI offers extensive free information to help executives and firms

EGLI clients and alumni have access to private spaces that increase their learning and collaboration with other alums who are very savvy and motivated

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