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At the executive level, who you know can be more important than what you know. By combining online and offline communications, you can maintain more high quality relationships because digital social networks like LinkedIn offer numerous tools to add value to your connections.

We'll guide you in combining your existing relationships with new connections you can make online. We advise you on optimizing your communications so you know when to communicate online and offline. We usually use a two-phase method:

Assessment and Planning

  • Review your individual and managerial goals
  • Assess how you communicate with people to achieve your goals: customers, employees, peers, executive recruiters, public relations. Identify what works for you, what doesn't
  • Discuss good practices used by your peers
  • Create a practical plan you can execute against


  • Network strategy (whom to include in your digital network, how your digital network maps to your offline relationships)
  • How to coordinate online and offline networks
  • Goal setting (How LinkedIn can help you achieve your strategic and tactical goals)
  • Coaching—how to nurture offline relationships online and how to create online relationships
  • Specific goals—finding opportunities such as board positions, new positions, speaking engagements, meaningful volunteer work; key new employees or partnerships


The Executive's Guide to LinkedIn is your confidential partner: we help you to create and leverage your personal network to drive your current and future goals

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