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LinkedIn and Web 2.0 are similar to other disruptive technology you may be familiar with: although you may be interested in exploring them, your organization has established processes that you must respect. Due our experience as line executives and management consultants, we are veterans at mitigating the risks of adopting new technologies.

Our Enterprise Services Delivery Framework enables you to adopt aggressively by mitigating risk. We help you to assess and target the appropriate areas in which to pilot the enterprise use of LinkedIn. We use it to guide you in short-cycle assess/pilot/scale and integrate stages of adoption. We often focus in these areas:

  • Business development—Professional services and other B2B focused firms have tremendous potential for lowering their high cost of sales through social networks. We create practical initiatives and coach your client-facing people on using LinkedIn to source prospects and to increase business with existing clients.
  • Recruiting and retention—Firms in many industries increasingly discover that employees carry the key to their competitiveness. In the Knowledge Economy, firms must constantly adjust and innovate to meet clients' increasing expectations. We can help you to maximize social networks' impact on recruiting and retention by using a holistic approach that addresses all phases of your relationship with employees.
  • Go to market—Leverage social networks in your go to market plans for service and product offerings.
  • Expert sourcing—Increasingly the most successful companies are learning that maintaining high project or service value requires an unprecedented level of innovation, and external experts play a critical role. Your company can leverage social networks to discover and grow relationships with experts to help you with innovation and product development.
  • Customer-focused innovation—Social networks have an affinity for strengthening customer relationships in all areas. Discover and leverage who the most passionate people are, not about your product, but about the customer experience in which your product is used. Engage them and source ideas to innovate in all areas of customer experience: product development, delivery and servicing. One of the most powerful approaches is to develop an environment in which your customers collaborate with each other and your experts in product development, customer service and business development participate.
  • Public relations—social networks can have a significant impact on the public's overall perception of your company in terms of discovering and interacting with perceptions. Learn how to integrate social networks with your existing public relations efforts.


Social networks represent a new social milieu that your employees need to understand; you can't interact effectively if employees don't get the culture

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