Services/Enterprise/Delivery Framework

To serve enterprise clients, we employ a classic three-phase management consulting methodology; moreover, since Web 2.0 and LinkedIn are strategic, clients often want to develop in-house capabilities, so we usually have an explicit goal to transfer knowledge to client teams via strategy workshops, mentoring, multimode training and digital documentation.

How social networks are affecting your organization
  • Web 2.0 diagnostic: how are your customers and prospects changing due to social networks and Web 2.0?
  • Discover in which social networks your customers and other stakeholders are participating
  • Learn what your competitors and adjacent value chain players are doing
  • By studying their activities, we conceptualize how this activity is changing their expectations and behavior
Create your future state and strategy for achieving it
  • Define business strategy according to the engagement scope (product, business unit, enterprise)
  • Work with customer-facing people to create a hypothesis about the impact that social networks are having on stakeholders
  • Test the hypothesis
  • Based on your competencies, market position, business strategy and emerging good practices, create a strategy for leveraging social networks to strengthen your connections with stakeholders
Execute strategy via iterative pilot-scale-integrate process with programs in:
  • Business development and sales
  • Talent acquisition, recruiting and retention
  • Product development, innovation and go-to-market
  • Partner and expert programs
  • Customer-focused innovation
  • Public relations and marketing
The EGLI Enterprise Process Innovation approach enables you to adopt aggressively by mitigating risk


Your customers are becoming resources for each other in social networks... they increasingly influence each other's buying behavior... you need to learn how to join in and increase your relevance

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