In many global markets, LinkedIn is the venue of choice for companies that want to engage executives. In 2008, LinkedIn adoption among executives grew significantly, and we predict that 2009 will be a breakthrough year. However, many companies are asleep at the wheel—as they were in 1998 just before eBusiness became an imperative. Web 2.0 will prove to be more transformational than Web 1.0 (the Internet) because it changes relationships, not merely information access.

The organizations that act on the social network opportunity will speed their business cycles, drive innovation and boost competitiveness. A key challenge is blending what has worked in the past with emerging possibilities. We help you to create new processes and to integrate them with your best practices.

The overall goal in most cases is to increase the intensity and longevity of your relationships with stakeholders: customers, prospects, employees, partners, stockholders and others. Our focus may be LinkedIn itself, or it may encompass social networks and Web 2.0 in general.

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Enterprises use LinkedIn to

  • Expand existing relationships
  • Locate/engage new clients
  • Discover new investors and business partners
  • Source key team members
  • Engage customers in collaborative innovation
  • Engage new prospects in emerging markets
  • Locate subject matter experts
  • Promote their companies to an exclusive audience
  • LinkedIn will often enable you to do these things at a fraction of the time and cost you now incur

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