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We design executive training to enable participants to learn how to apply LinkedIn to meet their most important business goals. For enterprises, government and trade groups, we create custom seminars to address specific industry challenges or functions such as recruiting, business development, client service, public relations and research and development, so please consider this page illustrative. We also offer various delivery styles, appropriate for groups of various sizes and goals, whether in private or public venues.

LinkedIn Orientation for Executives LinkedIn Core Value Realization LinkedIn Advanced Value Realization

Key Goals

  • Understand LinkedIn and how it compares to other social networks and communities
  • Create a profile appropriate for your goals
  • Understand and set privacy and access control
  • Send invitations


  • LinkedIn presence aligned with your goals
  • Join the Executive's Guide to LinkedIn Group on LinkedIn

Key Goals

  • Understand and apply our Action Templates to build your strategy
  • Understand and use LinkedIn's advanced features: Recommendations, Answers and Groups
  • Create a network building strategy
  • Optimize your network between tight and loose ties


  • Written plan, with specific tactics and follow-ups
  • Join the Executive's Guide to LinkedIn Group on LinkedIn
  • Access to Executive's Guide to LinkedIn wiki

Key Goals

  • Assumes understanding of most LinkedIn features
  • Focuses on orchestrating LinkedIn's features to run coordinates initiatives
  • Integrates use of select external resources with LinkedIn activities


  • Written strategic plan for your initiative, with specific tactics and follow-ups
  • Join the Executive's Guide to LinkedIn Group on LinkedIn
  • Continue collaborating in Executive's Guide to LinkedIn wiki


Executive's Guide to LinkedIn alumni have exclusive opportunities to collaborate with other alums, who have an advanced understanding of LinkedIn tools and processes

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