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As a network ourselves, we want to make it rewarding and easy for individuals and companies and other organizations and professional groups to benefit from the unusual benefits that social networks and LinkedIn itself provide. Our Collaborative Seminars are interactive and average 15-25 participants, so it can be easy for anyone to get a group of motivated people together.

Sponsoring a Seminar to Develop Relationships

Corporate, academic, government and nonprofit groups are finding that sponsoring an Executive's Guide to LinkedIn seminar can be a very effective means to engage high-value prospects and clients. Most executives, regardless of industry or age, have heard much about LinkedIn but do not know how it works or how it could apply to them personally or their organizations. By inviting a targeted group of highly qualified and desirable prospects to a seminar, you can offer them something of high value and explicitly improve your connection to them.

Sponsors work with us to assemble a group of prospects and existing clients for seminars of various lengths. Due to the high perceived relevance and value of our events, response is typically very high. Moreover, we encourage sponsors to have an active role in the event itself. We mentor client-facing executives on how to use LinkedIn to add value to relationships, thereby increasing their relevance to prospects and clients.

Think of this as an alternative to a golf outing in terms of time investment—except the return will be higher in most situations: the ratio of prospects to your team is higher, people are very business focused, you will get to know them in a new way, and you will have an explicit, persistent connection to them.

Hosting a Seminar to Build Your Network

We also make it easy for an individual or a group to organize a seminar. This presents a great opportunity to build your own or your firm's network: you are recognized for hosting, and you can invite people with whom you would like deeper relationships (prospective clients, employers, partners...). To host, an individual or group submits a proposal using our online form, locates the venue and manages the catering and logistics on behalf of the group.  To apply to be the host, you must share with us via our on-line form your plan for:

  • A room for 25 people for professional business meeting; for the day
  • Accompanying equipment (projection screen and projector) and furnishings
  • Catering (breakfast for the morning session, afternoon break, and lunch); costs are reimbursed by EGLI
Sponsor Host


  • Professional services firms, enterprises
  • University and corporate alumni groups
  • Government agencies
  • Arts- causes-based groups

What/Where (activities)

  • Locate facility and equipment for up to 25 or more people
  • Designate 3 people to attend the seminar, to follow up with participants and to develop relationships
  • Assemble invitation list
  • Prepare for desired role in the seminar
  • Assist EGLI in customizing material if desired
  • Manage catering

Why (benefits)

  • Brand association with the event
  • Recognized as innovator and social networking leader
  • Defined multi-phase process for developing relationships using combination of online and offline steps
  • Control attendance and the invitation list
  • Customize the material to make appropriate to your audience
  • 3 places to attend the session


  • Contact us to verify approximate availability for the date and geo
  • Download our Guide to Sponsoring EGLI (in production)
  • Financial arrangements: various


  • Individuals
  • Companies, groups
  • Trade associations

What/Where (activities)

  • Locate and diligence a facility for up to 25 people
  • Arrange for equipment, furnishings
  • Manage catering

Why (benefits)

  • Bring Executive's Guide to LinkedIn to your geo
  • Influence who attends through the location
  • 1 place to attend the morning session


  • Contact us to verify approximate availability for the date and geo
  • Propose a location, and arrange an alternate: photos, agreement with terms/conditions
  • Download our Guide to Hosting EGLI (in production)
  • Complete our online form (in production)
  • Financial arrangements: as for public seminars

Public Seminars

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Sponsors engage high-value prospects where their attention is greatest—doing business better—while forming explicit connections to them

Hosts build their networks by organizing seminars in their chosen geography, subject or group of people

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