Social Networking Registration/Why We Do It

One of our key differentiators is that we apply social networking to all aspects of our business: in our management consulting services and public executive education, we focus on facilitating interaction among participants while we teach LinkedIn best practices. One of our explicit goals is increasing trust among people, so they will be able to support each other during and after seminars.

You need to learn new concepts, tools and behavior before you can consistently form valuable relationships online. Group learning can have a significant impact on how much you learn. If you take a seminar with one or more trusted friends, you will probably open up more and try harder—during the seminar and afterwards. You'll have a head start in supporting each other after the seminar. Of course, we facilitate powerful group interaction among "classmates," so we will help you get a lot out of it whether you come as an individual, a pair or a group.

Social Networking Registration adds unique value:

Before the seminar

  • Have you heard about the Wisdom of Crowds? Loosely, it holds that a group of independent people will consistently make better decisions than any member of the group, even if s/he's an expert. Although counterintuitive, it works due to statistical canceling of outlying decisions
    • We trust our friends and contacts (you!) more than database marketers to help us decide who should attend public seminars; instead of taking out ads and conducting database carpet bombing, we ask you to recommend people you know who are ready to take the plunge and become social networking pioneers
    • We put skin in the game by offering group rates to participants who register together. You win by learning more when you invite the smartest, most caring and driven people you know to take the seminar with you and you save some money, too

During the seminar

  • Executive social networking is all about collaborating and sharing goals among people; of course, people have done this since time immortal, but digital social networks makes sharing easier and faster for people who understand how to leverage it
    • The people who take the seminar with you are a key part of the breakaway value you can create; while we will ensure that you get the information and technique you came for, the other people you connect with can help you to create unusual value through your shared experiences
    • Social Networking Registration lets you help us to add value—by giving you a say in who takes the seminar with you

After the seminar

  • Every exceptional alum we can welcome into our community adds tremendous value to the community by contributing and sharing goals, thoughts, helpful contacts, tools and information. For alums who are motivated to take advantage of it, the EGLI alumni community can become a precious asset
    • We actively seek people who want to use LinkedIn to innovate and redefine limits in traditional approaches to business development, talent acquisition, product management...
    • Wouldn't you like to work with smart, driven and collaborative executives?
  • Even more revolutionary, you or your company, school or professional group can use Social Networking Registration to build your network by attracting new clients, new job offers or other opportunities
    • When you take the seminar, do your homework and follow up in the EGLI Online Community, you can become your friends' and colleagues' LinkedIn expert, and your expertise will become more valuable the more prevalent social networks and LinkedIn become
    • You could put yourself in a perfect position to invite some people to a seminar: when they become alums, you strengthen your connection to them significantly
    • It's even possible for individuals to host or sponsor seminars, where you can invite prospects and earn their gratitude for introducing them to the LinkedIn/Web 2.0 phenomenon; you can learn more here

Public Seminars

More on Registration

Social Networking Registration gives any individual, company or association the ability to organize even an entire seminar quite easily, using the same infrastructure as we use in public seminars.

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