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Social Networking Registration is one of our recent innovations. Even though it is not complex, it is revolutionary, so here we describe how you can maximize its value to you, step by step. It is so unique that none of the leading online Web-based registration systems can accommodate it out of the box.

I: Pre-Enrollment
What happens: We let you know about the seminar before enrollment opens to give you time to find some people and start a group (tap your LinkedIn connections). People, companies or associations can start groups, and each group gets its own group code. What to do:
  • Create a group code (see below)
  • Identify people whom you trust and respect for their expertise and willingness to collaborate. Who do you trust and care about who:
    • Has a hard time finding prospects and ends up compromising on price because the fit isn't so good?
    • Is consistently underpaid because s/he can't find the right fit in the job search?
    • Spends too much on trade shows for diminishing returns.. but doesn't know what else to do?
    • Hires product development people that seem overpaid for what they deliver.. because "the right people" don't seem to exist?
    • Has a company that goes through salespeople like water because they can't seem to produce?
  • Ask motivated, collaborative people you know to join your group
  • Coordinate your group members for Enrollment so you all get in the same class
II: Enrollment
What happens: People enroll individually using group codes. Enrollment is first come, first served. During Enrollment, anyone can cancel, but it might drive up the group's per member cost. More on this in the FAQ. What to do:
  • Encourage everyone to enroll quickly; the bigger your group, the more important this is to ensure you all get in
  • Take the pre-seminar survey, which helps EGLI to form the material around the class's interests and goals; we'll send you the link several days before seminar day
III: Closing
What happens: Enrollment closes one week before the seminar if it is sold out, with the first 25 people getting places. EGLI applies discounts to your group based on its size according to this schedule (individual=$0, 2 people=$50 each, 3 people=$75 each and 4+ people=$100 each). There are no cancellations after this point, but you can substitute. What to do:
  • You will learn how to apply LinkedIn to your important, actionable professional goals, so take some time to think about what's most important to you within a 6-12 month window
  • Ask yourself: what access or knowledge do you need to make your goals a reality, and who possesses them? Whom do you need to ask for help? And, what could you do for them?
How to Create Your Group Code
The formula for group codes is seminar date (year, month, day) + your initials. For example, my group code for the October 9, 2008 seminar was 20081009csr. If you have no middle initial, put your first initial, any number between 1 and 9 and close with your last initial. For example, I could put 20081009c2r. If you are not part of a group when you enroll, enter your own group code according to this rule.

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